First ever blog entry

  • post by Joona Piirainen
  • 17-05-2020

I want this post to be a kind of an entry to where this blog will eventually go. So I guess I'll start by telling a little bit about myself.

I am a 22-year-old guy from Espoo, which is located in Southern-Finland. I recently quit alpine-skiing which was almost my entire life for many years. I already thought about quitting ski racing last spring but I was just about to start serving my 1-year duty in the Finnish army. I was selected to serve my time in a special unit for athletes which is quite hard to get in to, so that put some pressure on me to still keep skiing. So I said to my self that I would try for one more year. That year was the toughest year of my life so far. Skiing and army were all I could think about and since I disliked the army and skiing was not going well I wasn't very happy. At the end of the year, it was quite an easy decision for me to quit alpine-skiing since all it was doing to me was making me miserable.

Since skiing was like a job to me for over 10 years I never really gave any thought to what I was going to do when I quit doing that. At the start of 2020, I started to think about my future since I knew I was going to quit skiing. I thought about many different options but none of them really felt right. Then I thought about software engineering and kind of fell in love with the idea. I think this came from my father being in the same field of work.

In alpine-skiing our season usually starts in November and goes on until start/mid-May. This season got an unexpected ending caused by the global COVID-19. You would probably think I was upset by this but actually, this was kind of a relief to me since I wasn't enjoying skiing anymore and I had an interest in software engineering. This happened in the middle of March so it's only been two months but at the moment I'm super happy with my decision to quit skiing.

Although I quit skiing I have been doing quite a bit of sports. Mainly crossfit since I really enjoy it. It's nice being able to take training a bit less serious and only do the stuff you actually want to do.

I got the idea to start writing this blog since I wanted to build a website for myself and thought about what I would want to have on that site and a blog felt obvious. So I think this blog will be a place for me to talk about my journey to becoming a software engineer. At least It will be the main theme. There might also be some other topics! :-)

On the next entry, I will talk about some technical stuff related to coding so if people who know about that stuff have some comments or advice I'm more than happy to hear it.

If someone actually made it this far I just want to say thank you for reading! Feel free to share this with friends or family!

Have a good day, Joona Piirainen


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